Jungle Wonder includes many great attractions to entertain you and your children!

Jungle Gym


A gigantic soft playground that combines slides, tunnels, mazes, and other obstacles to entertain children.



5 cannons on each team that shoot balls towards the targets. Hit targets to earn points for your team!


Bootstrap 3

A Lazer Tag experience with a complex maze of walls. Shoot other players to earn points fro yourself and your team!


Mini-bowling with smaller balls, so that small children can play too! Family fun for everyone from ages 1-100!


Over 60 of the latest redemption Arcade Games, Video Games, Kid's rides that will entertain the whole family.

Blacklight Mini-Golf


This is an amazing glow-in-the-dark 9 hole indoor Golf course. Elephants, Gorillas, Tigers, and many more glow as you putt your way through

Toddler Bounce

Bootstrap 3

A toddler moon-bounce that contains many jungle creatures, such as giraffes, monkeys, and many more! This is a whole lot of fun for your little ones.