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Jungle Wonder is a perfect place for your School fieldtrips


Looking for a new, educational fieldtrip idea? The Jungle Wonder is the perfect place to host you school/Organization's  next fieldtrip! Jungle Wonder two hour filed trip programs have been designed to foster learning, emotional confidence and social interaction all though the guise of play! We can customize an educational fieldtrip that is perfect for any age group. Children from 2 to 12 will have great fun at our Jungle Gym. Our state of the art, never seen before "Jungle Blacklight Mini Golf" will entice children from 4 years to any age. Our Krazy Village is designed for  kids 5 and up (Bowling, Balladium and Laser Tag). Following are our Packages.


Package 1: Fun at Jungle Gym and Golf

Package 2: Fun at Jungle Gym Golf and Balladium

Package 3: Fun at Jungle Gym, Golf, Balladium and Bowling

Package 4 All Attractions (Jungle Gym, Golf, Balladium Laser Tag and Bowling)

Slice of Pizza and Drink can be added to any package for $2.95 per child


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